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3 Simple Adjustments for Your Laundry Routine

Change Your Washing Routine

Many washing tips seem to assume you have infinite time and patience for washing. We get it, you’re busy and washing isn’t your primary job or joy. You want to get it done, do it right, and move on. There are ways you can be more efficient in your washing workflow that makes this inevitable part of adulting a little easier. The best part: these tips don’t require you to don an apron, whistle while you work, or pray to mysterious washing gods for success. Hack your laundry routine with these simple adjustments and improve your life.

Use a Mesh Washing Bag to Keep Socks Together

Seriously, a mesh washing bag is an underrated washing hack that everyone needs. Previously called “lingerie bags,” these life and washing savers are for so much more than bras and undergarments. They’re great for any items with small straps or strings that can get tangled around other items, and they’re essential for keeping socks mated to their partners to save you time matching.

Turn Dark-Colored Items Inside Out to Prevent Fading

Turn dark-colored items inside out as you add them to the washer. This allows the detergent to get to the inside of the garment (that absorbs dirt and odor from your skin) and protects the outer surface from fading and pilling.

Tie Drawstrings Before Washing to Keep them In Place

The drawstrings in sweatpants, pajama bottoms, hoodies, or other items with drawstrings can come out of their channels during the wash cycle. No one has time to fish the string back through the hole, and you may end up tossing the item or removing the string in frustration.

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